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Petya of my Petya

    Petya of my Petya




    Orfeevi Gori
    Gimnaziyalna 1, Raykovo, Smolyan

    Event Type

    Dir. Alexander Kosev, feature, 2021, 95 min.

    Cast: Alexandra Kostova, Alissa Atanasova, Albena Pavlova, , Julian Vergov, Monio Monev, Alena Vergova, Yasen Atanasov, Martin Metodiev, Emil Markov, Alexander Milchev, Vasil Banov, Orlin Pavlov, Iskra Donova

    Who is Petya?

    The new school year starts with sudden changes. A new principal, new rules and a serious accident that will change the lives of a group of students of 11th graders. Amidst the injustice in high school, one girl decides to act and fight against everything that turns her classmates “into cans without labels”. Because the system, in the person of principal Krachunov, loves the obedient and doesn’t tolerate the different ones. 40 years after the death of her favorite poet Petya Dubarova, Petya will find meaning in living and loving truly.