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    Orfeevi Gori
    Gimnaziyalna 1, Raykovo, Smolyan

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    Phi 1.618 tells the story of a new nation of eternal, biologically perfect humans, the Bio-Titans, who are preparing to leave Earth forever, onboard the ship Whirligig for its mission. In this utopian reality, protagonists Gargara and Krypton will attempt to fight the foretold outcome and turn history around. They will go through various adventures in a constant race against time and in the eternal battle between love and evil, humanity and unscrupulousness.

    Dir. Theodore Ushev, feature, 2022, 91 min.

    Cast: Deyan Donkov, Martina Apostolova, Irmena Chichikova, Nikolay Stanoev, Vassil Duev, Ivo Dimchev, Vladimir Liutskanov, Georgi Lozanov, Kitodar Todorov, Gerasim Georgiev – Gero and others